Magnetic Card Reader
Product ID:  17318
Product Name:  IDTech Bar Code Slot Reader (Only)
Description: Magnetic Stripe and/or Bar Code Slot Reader Bi-directional and counter top mountable, reads magnetic stipes, and edits and formats data, rugged die cast metal base and optional weatherproof version available.
Sale Price:  $219.00 $90.00
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Product ID:  17110
Product Name:  Magtek Mini Magnetic Card Reader *On Sale *Most Popular
Description: Mini USB Swipe Reader 21040108 MAGTEK INC(Tracks 1, 2 & 3 with Keyboard Emulation) - Color: White or Black Mini USB Swipe Reader - Standard USB connectorUSB Human Interface Device (HID) Class specifation Version 1.1
Sale Price:  $95.00 $59.00
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